Thursday, October 25, 2018

Magical Moment

There is something almost magical about a butterfly's visit.  It's nearly impossible not to stop... watch... appreciate... smile...

My friend, Sandra, felt that this particular swallowtail's visit was like a gift.  You can read her whole experience on her blog post

Here is some of what she wrote:
"... this gorgeous being floated quite literally into my view, hanging around... and letting me get so close to her...  it was magical and moving."
Beautiful butterfly... Beautiful Flowers... Beautiful words...

Original Oil Painting on 10"x 10" Wrapped Canvas
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Monday, October 22, 2018

Bippity Boppity Pumpkin

Fall is in the air!

We went for a walk down our neighborhood road the other day... 
...and found that one of our neighbors had planted a whole section of his yard with pumpkins.  The whole yard was covered in gorgeous vines with big orange pumpkins tucked here and there.  

Right then and there Ron decided that we'd cover the hillside of our pond...
...with pumpkin vines next year.
Just on the other side of this rise is our little pond...
... where the deer drink each day.  But, the neighbor kid told me that the deer didn't bother their pumpkin patch.  His word is as good as Google, I suppose.  Next year, that hillside will be covered! 
I walked back today to take a picture of their patch.  It was gone, but...

... the kid said, "You can take pictures of our pumpkins if you want to!"  Yes!  I wanted to!
Things look pretty green still, but as I walked home, I really began to notice autumn showing up.
The air is crisp, and the leaves are just beginning to turn.

We have so many trees that turn beautiful golds and yellows.
Some turn red...
 ... like this dogwood.  It may have been this very limb that I painted a while ago... Only it was covered with big white blossoms then.

I love that we have all four seasons here; however, I need autumn to hold off just a little longer...
... so that the rest of my tomatoes can turn red!

In other fall news, those four baby chicks who hatched in August are nearly as big as their mama now.  I'm waiting for each of them to either crow or lay an egg.
And finally... our old faithful autumn friend is beginning to put on his annual golden show.  The hickory tree beside our deck...
... We love him so!

Acrylic Painting on 16"x 20" Wrapped Canvas
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Saturday, October 20, 2018

Whimsical Santa III

I know!  I know!  It's not even Halloween yet! 
I tend to paint what's in season because that's the mood.  That means that whatever in-season picture I paint is finished, dry enough to ship, and ready to go... after the season has passed... sigh... 

I thought I'd get this funny little Santa ready in time to hang in our upcoming art show.

You can pretty much count on Pounce to come around whenever it's time to photograph a new painting.  Almost every single time, she decides that the exact perfect spot to sit at that very minute is right in front of the painting.  
(Can you relate, Sandra? Her Bella makes regular appearances on her quilting blog.)

Oil Painting on 6"x 12" Wrapped Canvas

Wednesday, October 17, 2018


Coming soon!
Our sweet little Emilia, my Millie...
I can't wait.

I love creating these name paintings.  No two are alike, and the design depends on the letter shapes.  

Original oil painting on 6"x 12" wrapped canvas.

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Here are some examples:

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

Papaw & His Boy

          Big Paw...

Feed Papaw's cows apples!
Count Pepaw's sheep!
Go fishing with Papa!
Build something with Pop!

Read a book with Grandpa!
Watch tv with Granddad!
Help Gumpy make breakfast!
Sit on the swing with Gramps!

Play catch with Opa!
Go to church with Baba!
Drive Big Paw's tractor!
Take a nap beside Sir!

Pretty special relationships...

Original Oil Painting on 18"x 26" Museum Wrapped Canvas

Monday, October 8, 2018

Golden Sunset

I'm honored and humbled whenever someone asks me to paint for them.  At some point I always want to know, "Why?" or "What's special about this image?" or "What's the story behind it?"

Earlier this year I painted this image and told my story of watching the sun set on a beach in Indonesia.  You can read about that here.

Recently I got a note from someone saying that they loved the picture but wondered if I could paint it again... only much bigger.
What a pleasure!
Of course I had to ask why.  

I found out that their baby girl will be born next month, and the meaning of the name they'll give her will be Golden Sunset! 
Ahhhh.... sigh... I loved knowing that as I painted.
And, my painting will hang in her room!  Like I said at the beginning, I am honored and humbled!

I know what her name will mean, but I am anxious to know exactly what her name will be! 

Original Oil Painting on 24"x 36" Wrapped Canvas

Friday, October 5, 2018

A Painting Party!

Would you just look at these beautiful ladies and their fantastic paintings!
I think they're pretty proud of their art!
These ladies are part of the college group in our church, and their teachers asked me if I'd lead a painting project for their girls' night out.
What a pleasure to get to know them!
What a fun evening!

Judging from their happy smiles and their finished art, I'm calling it a successful event!

Original Acrylic Painting on 16"x 20"  Wrapped Canvas
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