Wednesday, September 20, 2023

All Tangled Up

I gave the cat the box of yarn and got my camera ready.  The cat, who wants to get into everything I have, was wary... He probably sensed that I wanted him to play in the yarn, get all tangled up... So he sat and looked at it for a long time. Finally, I took out a ball and rolled it around.  He watched it roll then decided he needed a bath so started licking his paw. Really, Buff... Are you kidding me? 
He did finally decide to play.

When I got out the embroidery thread to make the companion piece, he was very much interested in getting a paw on that.

She bought a triangle bangle.
She liked that it dangled and jangled.

 It would hang from the collar of kitty.

He fought the triangle bangle!
He hated the dangle and jangle! 

She angled her brow and cooed and kissed.
He arched his back and spat and hissed! 

She finally took pity and wrangled poor kitty.

The bangle was tangled, his feelings were mangled,
But she really did like the spangly bangle.

With a twist of her wrist, the cat was dismissed.
Though tangled and mangled, she couldn't resist.

She looked in the mirror and thought it was pretty.
Then stroked the neck of collarless kitty.

Our challenge for Creative Companions this week was "Tangled."

Original Oil Painting on 6"x 8" Wrapped Canvas.
Click Kitty & Yarn if you'd like to purchase this piece.

Wednesday, September 13, 2023


I never thought I'd become comfortable with watercolor.  Oh, no, I'm still not! ... Yet... but I'm getting closer!   Each new attempt is just a little less daunting!

This wolf was from one of Tamara LaPorte's lessons in the Life Book 2023 on-line class I'm taking. I pretty much watch, listen, and follow along.  I still haven't branched out on my own to attempt a watercolor piece... but I'm getting closer!  Maybe one day I will!

I think the look in this wolf's eyes says, "You can do it!"

Saturday, September 9, 2023

Art Soul Gathering

Last week I participated in an on-line workshop called Art Soul Gathering hosted by Ida Andersen Lang. I didn't do every lesson, but I learned so much in the ones I did do. 


Thursday, September 7, 2023

I Like Thursday 9/23

Thank you to Leeanne of Not Afraid of Color for reminding me to notice things I like. 

 I like finally, finally, finally getting to the
very end of an old tube of paint.

 I like how the watching how the daily garden
harvest changes throughout summer.

I like having chickens in the backyard. 
I think 12 is the right amount for us. 
(Don't count too closely or ask if there
are 3-4 more not shown!!)
I like this silly yellow cat.

I like this guy.
I like being a part of this great big family. 
We get together for four days at the end of each July.
I like seeing my art find its new home.
I like this sign I saw when I was in Pilates.
I like the blooms on the hostas
and all the bees and butterflies attracted to them. 
I like living in a place where wildlife wonders by.
I like watching seeing these chickens take a dust bath in a flower pot.
I like hearing this guy crow.
(His name is Pete.)
I like starting a new project...
and having help choosing the fabric.

Friday, September 1, 2023

Pretty Poppies

The Creative Companion challenge was "Red," but I'm not particularly fond of red. I made a list of things that are red that I do like.  Then I turned that list into a little poem for my companion piece.

Red is Just Red

Raspberries, Razorbacks, Rudolph’s nose,

Barns on farms, and boxes with bows.

Chickens’ combs, a cardinal, some cherries,

Ketchup on fries, and small holly berries.


Tulips in vases, tomatoes on vines,

A King James version with Jesus’ lines


Amaryllis, Anthurium, Gala apples,

Stained-glass panes in old church chapels.


A Muppet named Elmo, a melon slice,

A maple in autumn, an on-sale price.


The quick zip flash of a hummingbird’s throat,

An A+ grade with the teacher’s nice note


Sunsets in summer, stockings in December

Ladybugs, lollipops, and the last burning ember


Vermillion, alizarin, venetian, and garnet

Crimson and ruby, rose and scarlet,

Maroon and burgundy, so nearly the same

Red is just red, no matter the name


Original Oil Palette Knife Painting on 9"x 12" Wrapped Canvas.
Visit Pretty Poppies if you'd like to purchase this painting.

Thursday, August 31, 2023

Life Book 2023 (June, July, August)

 I've done lessons in so many different directions outside my comfort zone... I don't even know where that zone ends any more!

The lessons from the first sessions in January, February are HERE.

The lessons from the second sessions in March, April, May are HERE.

And now... the third session  June, July, August! I learned something with every single lesson.