Friday, September 18, 2020

A Dip in the Pool

This is such a typical sight on hot summer days... 
     A cow standing in a pond, 
          just standin'... just relaxin'... just chillin'... 
     A cow standing under the shade of a tree... 
          just standin'... just chewin' cud... just hangin' out...

A couple of weeks ago we went on a day trip.  We made a long driving loop through rural Arkansas and Oklahoma. These cows were just too great to pass by.  We turned around so I could take (way too many) pictures of them.  As we drove on, we started noticing more cows in ponds.  It became a game to see who could spot them first.  It didn't count if the cow was beside the pond or thinking about getting in the pond or walking toward the pond. At least one cow had to be standing in the pond.  We ended up seeing cows in ponds a dozen times.

I did take some other pictures along the way.  We drove the length of the Talimena Scenic Byway through some of the best views of the Ouachita Mountains. These are the mountains where I grew up.
I also took (way too many) photos of butterflies.  At every scenic lookout I spent half the time taking in the view and half the time in disbelief over the number of the butterflies flitting around thistles.
I found everything about this day to be relaxing and beautiful and therapeutic... the butterflies... the Ouachita Mountains... and yes, all the cows in ponds.

Original Oil Painting on 10"x 20" Wrapped Canvas.
If you'd like to have this painting, click A Dip in the Pool.

Friday, September 11, 2020

Peace Like a River II

If you were in a rowboat floating down this stream, would you want to reach down and glide your fingers across the water?
I would.

If you stood in front of this painting on the wall, would you want to reach out and stroke your fingers across the canvas? 
I would.

If you like the way this image makes you feel, wouldn't you want to know how it feels? 
I would.

I'm so drawn to palette knife paintings both on a visual and a tactile level.  I love the looseness of the strokes and the texture of the painted surface.  

Style fascinates me.  Do we choose our style? Or, is it just what comes naturally?  Can we change our style? Should we even try? How would I describe my style? How would others describe it?

I struggle with being painterly with a brush.  I know that.  I start a new painting and be determined to be looser, have softer edges, use more muted colors... Then I get going and slip right back into my own style.  That's okay.  I like bright colors and close likenesses.

But, with a palette knife... Ahhh... there's a freedom... a freedom to give an impression, to create a mood, to veer from the reference photo.

When I began to experiment with using a palette knife, I turned to YouTube tutorialsOne of the first I tried was this same image. In that first attempt, it was awkward and frustrating, and I'm pretty sure I want back over it with a brush to "touch it up" and "finish it."

Sara's inspiration image photograph, Pondering, from this month's Inspiration Collaboration challenge made me want to revisit this lily pond.

I am going to enjoy it on my wall so much.  And, I'm probably going to run my fingers across it's textured surface often.  One day I'll get notification that someone has purchased it.  I'll be so happy for the person who wants it... and a little sad to wrap it up and see it go.

Palette Knife Oil Painting on 11"x 14" Wrapped Canvas
If you want this painting for your own wall, click Peace Like a River to go to the listing on Etsy.

Saturday, September 5, 2020

Autumn Pleasure

The older I get, the more appreciation I have for fall.  Maybe it's because I have more time to appreciate it now.  Before, I only thought of fall as those hectic weeks of getting the school year started. Recently though, I have taken such pleasure in this time of year.
I asked my husband, "What do you look forward to about autumn?"  
He said, "Driving down the driveway when all the trees turn gold. Seeing the big yellow tree behind the house. Feeling the brisk air when you need a jacket but only a light one."
Ahhh... good answers! 
Our view when coming down the driveway.
The big yellow hickory tree behind our house.
We are lucky to live in a part of the country that gets all kinds of beautiful fall colors.  I picked up the leaves for this little painting around our home one day last autumn. 
So many amazing colors... what a pleasure!
We look forward to watching our leaves change once again during the next few weeks.

These pretty leaves were painting in response to this month's Inspiration Collaboration Image photograph by Sara.

Original Oil Painting on 8"x 10" Wrapped Canvas

Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Inspiration Collaboration - September 2020

Four new images have been chosen to inspire you to create art of your own.  Click HERE to read the thoughts behind each one.

It's easy to be a part.  Click HERE for instructions.  We look forward to seeing what you create!