Friday, August 10, 2012

Woo Pig... Sooie!

How do you call those Hogs?

Woooooooooo...... Pig... Soooie...
Woooooooooo...... Pig... Soooie...
Woooooooooo...... Pig... Soooie... Razorbacks!!!

Now, if you're not from Arkansas or at least a college football fan, then you can't imagine what on earth that is all about.  But, for those of us who live anywhere near the University of Arkansas, it's a very familiar cheer.  Click "Call Those Hogs" to hear it done by 70,000 fans in Razorback Stadium.
And, THIS... is an Arkansas Razorback... 

He's a pretty big departure from the paintings I usually do, but I absolutely loved working on him.  He's got lots of... hmmm... siblings... too.

These are the lovely ladies I teach with every day!  What a fun before-school-starts evening we had together.  

We met at Painting with a Twist, for an evening of art, music, laughter, and fun!  What a great concept.  Every person has a station ready with prepared canvas, pallet of paint ready, brushes, water, paper towel laid out, and a teacher who guided us through every step, color, and swirl.
Every body left with a finished painting and feeling like a real-live artist!