Saturday, February 26, 2011

Thursday, February 24, 2011

She Said YES!

Will you marry me?

Awwww.....   So many ways these four little words have been proposed...  (When I heard them I was sitting on a park bench.)

I see a past, present, and future in this image.  A big kiss for theYES right now.  A ride through the mud in Grandpa's old truck for back then.  And, a hillside in the Ouachitas for a home someday...

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Red House in Summer

Was the paint store having a sale on that color?

Have you ever wondered that after seeing some gaudy-colored house?  Sometimes I just shake my head and wonder why.  Other times I'm kind of impressed that they had the courage to do it.

I remember reading a book called The Big Orange Splot to my kids when they were little. It's about a guy - Mr. Plumbean, if I remember correctly - who gets a bucket of orange paint dropped on his roof by a seagull.  He keeps the splot then continues to decorate his house to be just like he likes it - much to his neighbor's chagrin.  After much fussing, they each decide to do the same.

FYI... My house is kind of a non-color, maybe khaki...  The thought was that it would blend in with the tree trunks.  Mr. Plumbean would be so disappointed in me...

But, I do love this little red farmhouse!  Visit Oh I Wish I Were on the Farm or Farm LIfe to enjoy Etsy treasuries (collections of art and vintage items) celebrating the life on the farm.

I painted this in response to the Rookie Painter Challenge 15.  Click and enjoy seeing all the different variations of this red house. 


Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Snow Cardinal

When you catch a glimpse of unexpected color in nature, do you stop to appreciate it?

There's a line in The Color Purple implying that God isn't happy with us when we see the color purple in a field and don't stop to notice it. 

How about the daffodils that poke their heads up before spring arrives? 

Red clover on a hill?  

A hummingbird's throat?

A baboon's behind?

Of course sunsets and rainbows.

And cardinals in the snow...                                          

This little bird and his wife teased me during our last snow day.  Right outside my window they'd flit and fly.  They'd find a perch, then off they'd go.  Finally, just once, he sat still long enough for me to snap his picture!

Original Oil Painting

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Andrew's Guitar

What do you listen to while you paint?

If I'm at my art teacher's studio, it's classical or instrumental Christian.

If it's Saturday morning, it's CNN or maybe an audio book.

If it's afternoon, evening, or late at night, it's country!  Woo Hoo!  Probably Brad Paisley!

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Grandpa's Smokehouse

Why don't we pay more attention when we have the opportunity?
I would love to tell a story about what adventures my cousins and I had in or behind this smokehouse.  I'm sure they'd be fascinating.  But, I have to admit that I never paid any attention to it.  It sat there between my grandparents' house and their garden and never seemed interesting.  I guess its time had passed.  By the time I came along, there were refrigerators for storing meat and super markets for selling it any day of the week.

I wonder what went on in there... I wonder how often it was used... I wonder if it was clean or nasty... I wonder what the process was for actually smoking the meat... I wonder if maybe it still sits near Meyer Creek near Crystal Springs outside of Hot Springs...

"Grandpa's Smokehouse" was one of the paintings chosen for an Etsy treasury (collection of art pieces and vintage items) called A Day in the Farm with  My Grandpa.  Also check out At the Farmhouse where each item in the collections make you long for the simplicity of  your grandpa's and grandma's house.  And, finally, visit Spring for reminders that winter will come to a close soon!

Original Oil Painting - 16"x 20" 

Grandpa's Smokehouse" can be purchased in several forms.
Contact me if you'd like to purchase this image as a giclee, a print, or note cards.