Saturday, February 19, 2011

Red House in Summer

Was the paint store having a sale on that color?

Have you ever wondered that after seeing some gaudy-colored house?  Sometimes I just shake my head and wonder why.  Other times I'm kind of impressed that they had the courage to do it.

I remember reading a book called The Big Orange Splot to my kids when they were little. It's about a guy - Mr. Plumbean, if I remember correctly - who gets a bucket of orange paint dropped on his roof by a seagull.  He keeps the splot then continues to decorate his house to be just like he likes it - much to his neighbor's chagrin.  After much fussing, they each decide to do the same.

FYI... My house is kind of a non-color, maybe khaki...  The thought was that it would blend in with the tree trunks.  Mr. Plumbean would be so disappointed in me...

But, I do love this little red farmhouse!  Visit Oh I Wish I Were on the Farm or Farm LIfe to enjoy Etsy treasuries (collections of art and vintage items) celebrating the life on the farm.

I painted this in response to the Rookie Painter Challenge 15.  Click and enjoy seeing all the different variations of this red house. 


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