Saturday, September 28, 2019

Autumn Still Life

I'm not sure I ever slowed down enough to really enjoy autumn for the first half century of my life.  The older I get, the more I love fall.  I've been noticing that  feeling in the air lately... the tinkling sounds from the wind chime on the back porch... leaves beginning to let go and flutter down... grass and woods a little less green... garden looking sad and needing to be put to bed for the winter... chickens molting to get ready for their cold weather feathers... a full freezer of the summer's harvest... sunset earlier and earlier...
I love autumn.

I painted this still life with one of my favorite human beings in the entire world.  How lucky I am to have Cheri for my art mentor / teacher / friend!
I haven't posted new paintings lately, but it's not because I haven't been painting!  One day each week this month, I've joined Cheri in her studio.  When the opportunity for painting lessons presented itself, I was not going to pass it up. Cheri inspires, helps me... and pushes me way out of my artistic comfort zone.

If you happen to be near Shawnee, Oklahoma, stop in to Inspire Studio and Art to see her beautiful work in person.

And, if you aren't near there, you an still see it here.

Original Oil Painting on 12"x 12" Wrapped Canvas
Click "Autumn Harvest" if you'd like to purchase this painting.

Friday, September 27, 2019

Sunflower Surprise

Sunflowers really are the happiest flower, aren't they!

Original Oil Painting on 6"x 8" Wrapped Canvas
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Saturday, September 7, 2019

Flamingo II

Fun facts about flamingos
  • That backwards bending knee is actually an ankle!
  • They live 20-30 years!
  • Their feathers are colored differently based on on what they eat!
  • They build their nests out of mud!
  • They spend a quarter of their day cleaning their feathers!
How about that!

This particular flamingo lives at the Tulsa Zoo.  

Original Oil Painting on 10"x 20" Wrapped Canvas
Click "Flamingo II" if you'd like to purchase this painting.

Tuesday, September 3, 2019

Lady Mondegreen, A Black and White Cow

I'm snackin' light now
Crack a slight bow.
Just whack and bite now
Dragon fight, Wow!
I'm packin' right now
A stack of bright towels
A black and white cow!
This is the story of my life... making up words to fit, never mind whether they make sense.
I named this pretty little heifer in honor of my new favorite vocabulary word:
mondegreen - when a word or phrase is created after mishearing a poem or song lyric
Sylvia Write coined the word in a 1954 article for Harper's Magazine when she admitted to hearing the words of an old Scottish poem incorrectly as a child. She'd heard and imagined,
     "They have slain the Earl O'Murray And Lady Mondegreen."
Only that wasn't it!
It should have been:
     "They have slain the Earl O'Murray and laid him on the green."

This... is... MY... word!
It seems that there is no end to my lyric mess ups  mondegreens!
My poor husband just shakes his head and sighs when I sing along with the radio.
"Seen my sheriff broke and laid low..."
nope... it's
"Seen my share of broken halos..."
so sorry Chris Stapleton

"Whoa-oh, Johnny go..."
nope... it's
"Whoa-oh, China Grove..."
so sorry Doobie Brothers

"Hell fire up...'
nope... it's
so sorry Oak Ridge Boys

"Odor Uptight..."
nope.... it's
"Hold her up tight...'
so sorry Alabama

"Lookin' for my lost jiggery-zaw..."
nope... it's
"Lookin' for my lost shaker of salt..."
so sorry Jimmy Buffet

"Go smell a policeman..."
nope... it's
"Warm smell of colitas..."
so sorry Eagles

I could honestly go on and on and on and on with these.
And, yes, I realize that I sing words that make no sense at all.

I have to admit that I'm kind of jealous of Sylvia Write. How cool would it be to get to invent a brand new word!

I've decided that I have a disability, and it needs a name.
If dyslexia is difficulty with letters and reading and discalculia is difficulty with numbers and math, then my word will be dislyricia, difficulty with lyrics and songs.

So, exactly what does this all have to do with the cow painting?
Well, she is a lovely lady cow who needed a name.
I tried dozens of names, but none stuck.
When Ron said, "Call her Lady Mondegreen," it made me laugh out loud... My new favorite cow named for my new favorite word!

Original Oil Painting on 10"x 10" Wrapped Canvas

Monday, September 2, 2019


There's an elegant simplicity about an image of garden harvested vegetables. I love my little garden.  It's almost finished for the year, but it's been a pleasure to go out and fill my little bucket each day.
 The jalapenos have been so generous.
Do you need some?
Pretty, pretty purple peppers.
Try to say that three times!
When I look at my kitchen counter in July and August, I just can't help myself.  It's too pretty not to snap a picture... Then scrolling through my phone photos, I see all these random photos of food on the counter. I thought I'd share.  Enjoy!

Original Oil Painting on 6"x 8" Wrapped Canvas
Click "Jalapenos" if you'd like to purchase this little painting.