Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Indonesian Sunset

Recently I had a pretty amazing opportunity.  (I hesitate to call it a once-in-a-lifetime experience because that implies I won't ever get to do it again.)

On the first day in Indonesia, I got to teach an art lesson to a group of children... 2 hours surrounded by 60 kids ages 5-13 none of whom spoke a word of English... I painted a sunset, then they each created one of their own.
                    ... like a dream I never even thought to dream.

On the last day in Indonesia, I got to enjoy an evening surrounded by new friends... Walking with feet in the waves... picking up shells and bits of coral... then sitting down to a food-filled a table in the sand watching sun set over the ocean... 
                      ... like a dream I never even thought to dream.

** Thanks to a precious interpreter who 
made the art experience work seamlessly.

** Thanks to my friend Olga who was the 
perfect model for the painting I knew I'd do.

Original Oil Painting on 18"x 24" Wrapped Canvas
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Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Looking Ahead on the Mulberry River & Looking Ahead from Mount Magazine

Looking Ahead (on the Mulberry River)
Looking Ahead (on Mount Magazine)
Each of these paintings deserves its own post, but I just felt like they needed to stay together. Let me explain by sharing pieces of a Facebook Instant Message conversation.
WENDY: So one of my best friends has twin boys. They are getting ready to fly the coop.  I was wanting a painting of the twins when they were itty bitty.  You game?
ME: Hmmm... If the image is a good one, I'm game.  Do you have a good image of them doing something? Not just sitting and looking at the camera?
WENDY: I have to look.  I'll do some snooping. When you say doing something... like???
ME: Oh... I love images that tell a story... that are about what was happening... More than... here are two kids... they are cute.  If you want that, just blow up the photo. I want images that tell a story... not just a kid pretty and smiling. Let me send you a few examples of what I mean. 
WENDY: I love it!  I'm on it!
About 10 minutes later two images popped into my Messenger feed.
WENDY: Like these?
ME: Oh, Wow! There's a STORY in these images!
WENDY: This is what they love.
ME: One is vertical and the other is horizontal.  Some would want them to be the same.  I kind of love that they aren't though.
WENDY: I like the fact that they aren't the same because the boys aren't the same.
ME: I wouldn't tell you I love the images if I didn't.  I said I love images that tell a story.  You must get that because you went right out and found really good ones.
A few days later while I was working on the paintings...
ME: So... I need their stories!  Where are they? Yellow Rock? Devil's Den? Buffalo River? White Reiver? With family? With each other? Boy Scouts? Woodsy guys? Seniors? Accomplishments? Just regular outdoor outings?  All you said was that these photos show who they are...  So... details!
WENDY: Huge accomplishments.  Very outdoorsy. Love outings with friends. Coming up the Hill next year.  Always together.
ME: Thank you for letting me do this.  I loved the photos you chose.  I hope their mom is pleased with the paintings.
*Unless you're from Fayetteville, you might not know that 
"Coming up the Hill" means they'll be attending the 
University of Arkansas.

Original Oil Paintings on 12"x 16" Wrapped Canvases