Saturday, February 18, 2017

Grapes & Pear Still Life

This still life is the third painting the four of us did during our painting weekend at Welcome Home Retreat.  

Cheri had us draw it with the trapezoid method, then block in the dark medium and light tones.  Since we'd had practice with both of those twice before, we all felt pretty confident.  But, she had another goal to go along with it.   She wanted us to paint without overthinking, without overworking, and to keep it painterly.  We actually timed ourselves.  From first paint stroke to signature at the bottom, I did it in 2 hours and 15 minutes. Not bad.  I have to say it was really freeing and fun.  Yes, I overworked my pear some, but I was pretty good about laying the paint down and leaving it alone on the rest. And, it was fun to put turquoise in the background, on the foreground and on the pear.  It was fun to put orange in each grape, on the pear, and in the black background.
I wonder if...  
I hope that...
I WILL use this method of painting again.  
I don't see it becoming second nature for me... 
I AM CONFIDENT it will become easier and feel more natural each time I loosen up and just do it.

So special to have my sister to hang out with us.  She didn't paint; she worked on a scrapbook. Whatever your craft, it's all about relaxing... creating... and inspiring each other at Welcome Home Retreat.  

We took a walk to visit the longhorn neighbors between paintings.   
I heard a rumor that we'll be painting one of those longhorns at the next painting weekend in mid June.  Contact me if you want to join us! 

Click "Grapes and Pear Still Life" to purchase this little painting.
Original Oil Painting on 10"x 10" wrapped canvas.


  1. The longhorns still look at you, as curious as ever. Do they ever come to you or just stop and watch? I really like the background, and 2 hours is pretty darn fast. I like your positive reinforcement!!

    1. Ha ha!! I think those little calves are used to their farmer stopping by and giving them something good to eat. I think they were patiently waiting for us to toss them some hay or something. I wish the momma long horns and the bull would have come closer so I could have gotten some good photos. Their horns were unbelievably long!