Sunday, July 9, 2017

Homestead Cabin

I've been thinking about style lately. I think painting style is like writing voice.  There's something recognizable or familiar about a writer's words or an artist's paintings.  I think it's why we say, "I love her work." 

I've been thinking about my style.  What is it that makes my paintings look like... my paintings? I don't want everything I do to look the same, but do I really want to change that much? Hmmm... I have purposefully done some things differently lately...
      ..... Time Out...
Full disclosure... I think I know where this began... Recently I had someone I really didn't know well say, "Your art is all so smooth. It's good. But I like paintings with lots of texture, that use more paint."  Uuhhhh... what's the correct response to that? "Thank you," or "I'll try to do better," or to just smile and nod?

Maybe she was simply making conversation. Maybe she was trying to help me. Maybe she was just rude. Whatever the reason, I have been thinking a lot about my style lately.

My two painting buddies and I decided to give ourselves an art lesson.  We took a (very old) Walter Foster painting book on Clouds and decided to follow the steps and color guides exactly.
Shouldn't they have all turned out the same??
Well, no they did not.

Jolene has that fabulous light on her hills!
Julie has those gorgeous billowing clouds!
Look at the differences in mood!
I am NOT saying that any one is better or worse; I'm just fascinated by the different styles.
As I was being intentional about varying my style (softening edges, giving texture), I was unintentionally returning to my comfortable style (colors, shapes). 
Right now I am intrigued by style. I'm actually (kind of) grateful that someone gave me reason to consider my style.
I love Jolene's.
I love Julie's.
I love mine too.

Oil Painting on 12"x 16" Wrapped Canvas.

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