Monday, July 5, 2010

Chapel in the Alps

le Tour de France anyone?

No, this chapel isn't on the route of the big bicycle race. And, no it's not even in France. But... I have been watching the Tour for the last few days. It's put me in a European frame of mind, I guess. Seeing all those castles and cathedrals and amazing old buildings is part of the reason for watching. So, why would a very non-sport person like me care?
Several years ago I hurt my back and spent most of July in bed. The Tour was on every day. The next July I broke my leg and had another extended bed stay. Again, the Tour was on, and this time I knew the riders and rules. Since then I've just been hooked.

This painting is one that comes from a place near where my son-in-law lived as a child. Switzerland? or maybe Germany? I love the majesty of the Alps in the background, the vineyards behind the church, and the gentle little river in the foreground. I love the simplicity of this little church placed in such an awe-inspiring setting.

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