Saturday, July 3, 2010

Tiger Lily

This smiling orange face has greeted me whenever I've pulled into my driveway for the last few weeks. June is the month when tiger lilies are in their glory.

I love hardy flowers - those that come back year after year, that manage to survive and be stronger than the weeds, that are able to thrive without much attention. I guess that's why I've always been drawn to lilies. They grow and multiply and never to fail to announce that summer has finally come.

It's a chunky little thing that could be hung on the wall or set on a shelf. The sides have been painted, and the picture wraps around the edges giving it a sort of three-dimensional effect.

In the end, it's a little piece of June that can last all year.  Visit Orange BlastOrange You Glad You Came, or  Crochet by Momma J's Words of Wisdom where orange is celebrated - in winter... when we all need a little more orange! 

If you're interested in purchasing "Tiger Lily" just click to go right to its Etsy listing.


  1. You've captured the beauty of the Tiger Lily.
    Beautiful piece!