Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Gardening with Grandpa

I suppose that there were always rocks and weeds in Grandpa's garden, but I didn't have to paint them in, did I?

I have great memories of the garden. When I was very small, I got to ride on Prince, the big brown mule, while Grandpa plowed the long rows. (I know that tillers were usually used by that time, but Grandpa and Prince worked the rows just as they had done for years.)

My strongest memories from the garden involve dealing with its produce. Strawberries to slice and cover with sugar to freeze... Peas to shell... Beans to snap... Cabbage to shred and salt for kraut... Tomatoes to blanch for canning... Egg plant to, hmmm, I don't remember what we did with the egg plant...

This particular painting was done based on an old black and white photograph sent to me by my aunt. The photograph was developed in September of 1960. There were actually 4 grand kids in the garden. (Look carefully behind the guy in the front.)They were far enough away and just blurry enough not to be sure which ones they were. I'm going to choose to believe that the two in my painting are my brother and sister... can't be me... I wasn't around yet in 1960.

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  1. I love this painting! It reminds me of precious times that I have spent with my own grandparents! You are an amazing artist! I can't wait to see more work!

  2. So gorgeous. I love the original photo & I love the painting! Thank you for including my treasury on your post!

  3. Exquisite painting and exceptionally well-written story behind it. What an enjoyable read! Thank you very much for your link to my Etsy treasury. I look forward to seeing more of your beautiful work!