Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Colorado Memories

When a family member asks, "Remember when..." where does your mind go?

These are the words of a friend who asked me to paint this 'memory' for her.
     "Our trip to the campground was the same every year.  We would go up the windy switchback mountain road with my grandpa driving.  We would all be nervous because he would be busy looking to see if the reservoir was up or down (he was a farmer that used that water) while driving.   We would pull into the campground, put the watermelon in the stream to cool, and eat our KFC (Grandpa’s favorite).  We would then go to the meadow for a game of wiffle ball.  We used  dried cow patties for bases. Grandpa always pitched and Grandma always kept score for the game that always ended in a tie.  After the game we would eat our watermelon.  Some would hike, some would throw rocks in the creek, and others would sit and visit at the picnic tables.  Before dark we would head back down the mountain…still nervous about Grandpa watching the road."


  1. I love the balance in this painting. It is also a peaceful landscape...causes me to wish I were there. You did a lovely job of painting a memory for this friend. She will always cherish it.

  2. You did a wonderful job on this painting, I can feel myself walking in to it! So serene and fulfilling...I loved your other works too Helen, thanks for your feedback on my Muir forest :-)