Thursday, January 13, 2011

Central Park

What can a couple from Arkansas learn during a free afternoon in New York City?

** There is a Metropolitan Art Museum store near Times Square.  The guy there is happy to explain how to get the the museum.
** Apparently having exact change is imperative if you want to be allowed on a bus.
**Giving change for a dollar is not something the guy in the coffee shop is quick to do. (Eventually he will give in, but only for one of your dollars.)
**It's a really long ride with lots of stops before you get there.
**And, the Metropolitan Museum of Art is not open on Mondays... sigh...
**There are no places to beg change for a dollar near there.
*****Finally, it's a lovely, peaceful (long) walk back - but, you get to experience Central Park from one end to the other.
**And, it's possible to have a very inexpensive day in New York City - even if it's not on purpose.

Enjoy an Etsy treasury (collection of art pieces and vintage items) featuring Romantic Vacation Destinations where "Central Park" was chosen as one of those special places.  Click and enjoy a moment in each.

This painting was done for the December challenge from A Day Not Wasted.  I find it intriguing to see the diversity of  paintings done by a dozen different artists who all used the same image as they painted  Have a look!


  1. What a wonderful painting of Central Park Helen!! You aced it..The bridge looks awesome as well as the landscape. I try to go at least two times a year to the Park then we take a walk to the Museum that I never get enough of. I hope you enjoyed your time in New York....

  2. Great post. I love that your day ended with finding blessing. A walk in Central Park on a fall day is not a bad way to spend an afternoon and your painting captures that so well.