Sunday, January 16, 2011

Love & Kisses

How many ways are there to say "I love you" ?

Happy Valentines Day!
Love & Kisses!

These little hearts and silver wrapped chocolates say it all without any words at all!

"Love & Kisses" has been featured in two Etsy treasuries (collections of vintage items and art pieces) celebrating the hearts of Valentine's Day.  Click Show Some Heart and I Love You to enjoy these treasuries.


  1. Love this! I posted a poem based off you "Hand in Hand" painting. I posted the painting on my blog and gave you credit. Take a look. Hope you don't mind.

  2. Wonderful comment on my bog! (and e-mail!) And of course you may use it on your blog (I didn't post it on In-the-Moment because I didn't tie in the word unsullied...) I don't think you are a stalker (LOL) and I'm glad we are connected through our blogs too! :) I'm the middle of three sisters and I have four daughters. So I have had a lot of experience with the dynamics of sisterhood, you could say!