Sunday, January 8, 2012

Bowl of Tomatoes

What is it about some paintings that make you want to keep looking and looking?

I wish I really, really knew the answer to that so that I'd make sure to do it again and again.  
I read what master painters and artists I admire say... 
"It's about lost edges..." 
"It's in the harmony of color..." 
"It's the drama of the point where the darkest dark meets the lightest light..."
"It's the pleasing placement of subjects - always an odd number..."
"It's a movement created by lines..."
"It's the highlights and shadows..."
"It's the texture of the paint..."

I do believe all those things, and I do try to keep them all in mind as I paint.  But, I suppose I'm too much of a beginner to the world of art to comprehend why some paintings work and some don't quite work.
I can't speak for anyone but myself, but I love this painting.  I finished it yesterday, and I just can't quit looking at it.  Yes, I'm going to offer it for sale on Etsy, but I'm going to enjoy it on my own wall every day until someone decides to give it a permanent home.  

Visit a  lovely Etsy treasury (collection of related art pieces and vintage items) that includes "Bowl of Tomatoes" called March into Life!

"Bowl of Tomatoes" was done as a submission to the Paint and Draw Together January Challenge.  Each entry was done from the same reference photo image.  I love to scroll through and see how every painting is exactly the same... yet each is completely unique and different from the others.



  1. It is a beautiful work Helen, no wonder, even I feel like looking at it for a long time. The background texture has added an extra interest.

  2. Thank you for your kind words. I love the background too, but I must admit that it was a "happy accident" that it turned out that way!

  3. I am sorry, Helen,that I didn't leave a comment about your bowl, I suppose I quit one day when my pc was very slow in answering, and I quit.As I did put my own bowl on Padt, I attently looked at yours and admire your lost edges and appreciated the delicate leaves.It's very nice, and I had the opportunity to enjoy your blo, I like your creative way to invite your readers to come in!