Monday, January 16, 2012

Hey Cow!

How do you get a cow's attention?

Several years ago a friend told me about a silly game her family would play when driving down rural roads.  The rules are simple.  When you get near a cow, you roll down the window and yell, "Hey, Cow!"  If the cow looks at you, you get a point.  (Perhaps I should mention here that this friend is one of the most creative people I know.  She's also a teacher of gifted and talented students.... and this was the game she came up with... sigh...)  But the funny thing is, my husband and I have gotten a kick out of playing it ever since!  Yes... two grown people - even without kids in the car - will slow down and yell, "Hey, Cow!" then laugh hysterically whenever the cow looks.

This little heifer lived in a field beside the bed and breakfast near Pigeon Forge, Tennessee where we spent part of our Christmas vacation this year.  When we'd return home each day, she'd be there by the fence. Even though it was cold and frosty, we'd slow down, roll down the window, and yell, "Hey, Cow!"  
...She's looking right at me, so I guess I get a point, don't I... Yea!

We took many photographs of the Smoky Mountain scenery and wildlife, but this little cow got to be the first put on the canvas.



  1. Love this cow!! You truly did a wonderful job on it. My ears perked when I saw that you visited Pigeon Forge...Love that place! we do a lot of hiking there! Well, we did! husband says "I'm not like I used to be"...LOL Actually, the older I get the more I get afraid of running into a bear!

  2. We kind of started a friendship with this cow. She was faithful to greet us each day. And, we too loved Pigeon Forge, but it was cold this time, a different kind of beautiful.