Sunday, November 25, 2012

Autumn Leaves & Nuts

Is it too late to celebrate fall?
After finishing a couple of baby portraits, I was ready to paint something easy; people tend not to mind if a leaf is off by 2-3 millimeters like they do if it's a baby's eye or nostril or lip.  

We absolutely had the most gorgeous back yard this autumn.  People would literally stop and take pictures of it.  I picked up every leaf and nut in this painting right outside my back door.  There were so many different kinds, and they were such brilliant colors!  I hadn't really intended on making a painting of them, but when I laid them out on the table...

So, I know that the time for being inspired by autumn has passed; we're all eating left over turkey and decorating for Christmas. But, it was a beautiful autumn this year.

I was lucky to get to see this every day as I pulled into our driveway....

...and this as I stepped out our back door.  (It's a hickory tree.  When the nuts are ready, you can hear the squirrels eating them and tossing down the shells.  The ground is covered with hickory shells before they're finished.  I don't think they store any of them for winter.)

Original Oil Painting on 6"x 24" Canvas.

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