Thursday, November 22, 2012

Faye's Baby

What's fun about painting portraits?

There's a very long list of what's frustrating about painting portraits.  The first being that people don't expect to receive a painting of a cute baby, they expect it to look like THEIR cute baby.  That last phase of editing can be excruciating for me.  When I realized that I needed to scrape the paint off this little one's eyes and paint them a few millimeters lower, I wanted to cry.  But... it that's just part of the process.
(I think next I'll paint some nice autumn leaves... no one minds if a leaf vein is just a little off or a shape is just a little skewed when it's a leaf!)

But, back to the original question...What's the most fun? There's always a "Oh, there you are!" moment for me.  I'm just working along with colors, shapes, tones, and shades when all of a sudden... It's a little one with a personality looking back at me!  I love that moment!  Sometimes it happens when I put the little fleck of white sparkle in the eye.  Sometimes it's when the dimple is finally right or the highlight on the end of the nose is put on.  I usually have a "Well, hello there!" moment right then.


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