Monday, January 6, 2014

We'll Just Have Salad III

Is this deja vu?

No, I didn't accidentally post these gals again.  The ladies are back for yet another encore!  There must be something about those patient eyes that make people want to look again and again.  (You can read what I wrote the other times by clicking We'll Just Have Salad and then We'll Just Have Salad II.)

You would think I'd have this down by the third time, but nope... still had challenges to work through, especially with the black cow.  I miss having a teacher who can just say, "Use cerulean blue instead of white," or "Try moving her eye sparkle to the other side," or "Look at the sides of her nose again," or "Maybe a white eyelash with an upward twist."  Sometimes I miss painting with you each week so much, Cheri!

So, anyway...
Look at the difference a few tiny changes makes!
Isn't she friendlier now!


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