Wednesday, November 19, 2014

:) ZipLineArt

Something exciting for WordWeaverArt today...

Go visit ZiplineArt !  It's a wonderful brand new site.  Go have a look!  While you're looking around there, click on "Artists" and guess whose name you'll see?  Yep!  Right there on top, "Artist Helen Eaton." Now that's just exciting on many levels!

I am so proud for the owner of ZiplineArt.  I'm honored that he wanted to use three of my images to begin his art selling venture.

The thing that stops and humbles me is to see my name right there listed as "Artist Helen Eaton."  You see, I never thought of myself as  artistic or artistically talented; I simply took lessons and learned skills. My painting improved with practice. I feel like I use the math/logic side of my brain rather then the artistic side, so I was careful for so many years to say, "I do oil painting," or "I'm a painter."  That may not make sense to anyone else, but it's kind of emotional for me to see that word "Artist" beside my name... I like it... and I need to own it... I AM an artist... no matter which side of the brain gets the workout...

:)Thanks ZiplineArt!

Click Kalaloch if you're interested in purchasing this painting or prints of it.

See the original post at "Kalaloch."
To purchase prints or the original of this painting, click Raggedy Ann. 

See the original post at "Raggedy Ann."
And clicking Canoe in the Smokies  here will take you to the site where prints or the original of this painting are available.

See the original post at "Canoe in the Smokies"


  1. Hi Helen, I know exactly what you mean, but you can be proud to own that title.xx

  2. I too, understand! For years, I called myself a painter, not an artist, because I felt artist was too grand. So, cast off those feelings and admit are a fantastic artist!

  3. Me too, I know what you mean. Congratulations on your new venture and thank you so much for commenting on my blog - I'm rather erratic at blogging!