Friday, August 4, 2017

Lake Ouachita 2017

My family spent the end of July at Lake Ouachita for the 28th time.  
We love these days so much.
My family - The Powells
Lake Ouachita - View from The Point
Lake Ouachita - View from our cabins
With Dad and my brothers and sisters.

Lake Bags filled with fun things for all the girls.
Lake Bags filled with fun things for all the boys!
Big kids helping little kids.
Pretty sure this one will become a painting soon.
One of three quilts my nieces made from their mother's t-shirts.
What a flood of memories! 
Celebrating the newest little Powell.
The best part of a boat ride is jumping out.
Jumping out never gets old.
Watching swimmers means counting heads again and again.
Every family member age 6-91 is responsible for helping to prepare one meal.
Men cooking steaks!
That's my son Andrew, my dad, and my brother Anthony.
The younger kids made jello and punch for a lunch.

Great work, kids!.
The big boys make banana pudding for another lunch.
Food prep is serious business.

I love that EVERYone does his/her part.

The big girls make lunch.
It takes a lot of sandwiches to feed 25 kids and 25 adults.
He can still toss a horse shoe at 91!

I love that all ages enjoyed the horse shoes.
I look like I know what I'm doing. HA!
My daughter-in-law's the bowler... works for horseshoes too.
Woo Hoo!  A ringer for Tom!
Woo Hoo for the little guys!
We tried to find a level place, but...
My husband & son...
Skipping rocks off The Point is a long-time tradition for them.
Who put squirt guns in the Lake Bags?
Oh... I guess it was me!
And some of the Lake Bags had nail polish! Pretty!
Ron has been playing catch with that particular nephew since... forever.
These girls are about ready to learn to ski.
Aunt Kittie brought things to make custom hair bows!
Must have been pretty serious... "No, you may not go to the pool alone" or "Yes, you must wear a life jacket" or No, you may not have 5 dumb dumbs in your mouth at once" or "Yes, you'll get to help with a meal after you go to kindergarten."
Little boys + a mud hole + a little freedom = ???
Happy cousins!
Pizza on the night before The Lake officially began.
Uncle Curt always has a board game going.
Ahhh... favorite spot.
I can only imagine the conversation between these little cousins.
He's probably saying, "Look. People are always going to
tell you how beautiful your hair is.  You'll get used to it."
Special time together.

Love being at this place with this guy!
There was a difference for me this time. 
Since I've retired, I didn't need to think about getting ready for the school year as I returned home.
... Happy...


  1. What incredible memories you captured! I love every bit of it!

    1. Ahhh... glad you commented so that I got to scroll back through and relive those moments for a minute.