Monday, June 28, 2010

Black Swallowtail on Purple Horsemint

My husband and I went to an art museum yesterday, so I should be writing about the wonderful paintings I stood in front of. We did see art. It was beautiful.

Oh, but then we went for a stroll outside in the gardens! Perfectly manicured lawns, fountains, flowers of all kinds... and this one beautiful,
yellow butterfly! He practically flirted with me - posing from this angle then that one, flitting from one flower top the then next. I believe he knew he was having his picture taken and enjoyed every minute of it! Surely, he deserves to be painted!

The picture used for this painting was a little harder to get. Oh, I think this butterfly also knew that I had a camera; he just didn't want to have his picture made. I chased him all over the top of Mount Magazine. He'd wait until I was ready to snap a picture then flutter off to a further flower leaving me no choice but to follow.

After a little research, I discovered that he's called a Black Swallowtail. The flower he's sitting on is called a Purple Horsemint.

Click below to view a lovely treasury (collection of art pieces from various artists) on Etsy celebrating Original Fine Art.


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