Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Autumn Trees

Where do we begin to find out who we are?

Well, this painting was that beginning for me.  This was the second painting I ever attempted; that was way back in February of 2007.  After my first painting, "Summer Trees," I decided to give the same image another go.  I remember thinking, "Now, I've already done this, so I'm ready to put my own spin on it.  Hmmm... what exactly is my spin?"  As I wondered what kind of painter I'd become, I thought maybe I'd be an impressionist.  I'd always loved Monet's work, so I'd kind of blur the lines.  Then I thought about Van Gogh; I'd imitate him and let my strokes tell the story.  Then... I put thick orange and red blobs on top of brown bases, surrounded them with gold and green flame-like vertical strokes and realized that I was just plain Helen doing my best to make colors and shapes appear to be something recognizable.

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