Friday, November 26, 2010

Christmas Past

Which Christmas traditions are unique to your family?

My family shares many traditions with the rest of the country - stockings on the fireplace, turkey and dressing, visiting grandparents, watching old family videos...
But we also have some others...
****Santa always brings socks (along with the fun stuff).
****Some sneaky person rearranges the N.O.E.L. stocking hangers to spell L.E.O.N. (I didn't realize this was a tradition until the year I just put them on the mantle like I knew they'd end up; the kids had a fit!)
****There's a sulky teenager on the couch while we decorate the tree. (We didn't realize this was a tradition until the kids outgrew it - so my husband volunteered to play the role!)
**** We relive each memory/vacation/event that goes with the Christmas ball purchased for each year (since 1985).
****There's a big bowl of Chex mix.
****The house is filled with a much bigger collection of nutcrackers than I ever meant to have. (One of the joys of being an elementary school teacher is getting presents - and lots of them have been nutcrackers!)
****All the silliness and fun stops after stockings are opened while someone reads the Christmas story from Luke 2.  What a special 5-10 minutes we share before the craziness of opening presents begins.

This chimney sits along the road that goes between my two brothers' houses  I've always loved imagining the families that sat in front of fires built there. What a surprise when stockings appeared on it before Christmas!!!

What an honor that this chimney has been  featured in an Etsy treasury (collections or art pieces and vintage items). Click
Twas the Night Before Christmas to enjoy the treasury.   

Original Oil Painting on 9"x 12" Wrapped Canvas

"Christmas Past" can be purchased in several forms.
Contact me if you'd like to purchase this image as a giclee, a print, or note cards.

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  1. Wonderful reading! And a wonderful image. Love your traditions (I remember being that teenager on the couch!). We share a few of your traditions (I have no nut crackers though). Thank you for making me smile!