Saturday, September 17, 2011

I Am the Legacy!

Is a picture really worth a thousand words?

          I think this one is.  Just look at all this one says!
         A precious little girl is filled with joy, hope, and eagerness for things to come.  She's opened up and ready for whatever life has to offer.  Her shirt even has the words to tell the world that she's coming and she's got high expectations for the future.  And, could this be any more perfect... she's standing on what we in Arkansas consider hallowed grounds - the front lawn of Old Main, the building that represents learning, higher education, and the University of Arkansas.  The sun seems to be shining on her face as if  the University is saying, "Welcome!  We'll be ready for you when you get here!"
        So...Could the story get any better?  Yes!  The grandmother of this little one is the college professor who teaches young people  preparing to be teachers.... Perfect!

OK... maybe that wasn't a thousand words, but the image does say a lot!

Lesson learned through the process of painting this: 
          As I was finishing the painting, I was frustrated because it didn't tell the right story - I had a painting of a famous building with a little girl in front of it, not a little girl with a famous building behind her. 
         I called my painting mentor and explained my problem.  "Mix some ultramarine blue and a little white with a medium.  Cover the background with the wash."
          Wow!  it worked!  The building got back in its place in the background, and the little girl came forward to her spot as the star of this show!  
          How many more tricks are out there waiting for me to learn!?!


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