Thursday, October 13, 2011

Apples & Grapes

How many paintings must I do before I call myself a real artist?

This was my 100th painting... Wow!  100 paintings with my little HEaton in the bottom corner.  I wanted my 100th painting to be something special.  I think I was disappointed that it was just a plain old still life. But, I look at this one, and how can I be disappointed with it?  I love nearly everything about it.  I love the blotchy brush strokes on the table and the fuzzy edge between the table and the wall.  I love the shadows cast by the fruit.  I love the shape of the grapes, the orange highlights on top of the apple, and the detail of the stem.  And, even though blue is my least favorite color, I love the texture of the background.  
Maybe my 100th painting was special after all.

So, when will I feel like I can call myself an artist?  I'm going to work on painting #166 this weekend.  Maybe at #200... but probably not.

Helen, the one who's satisfied for now calling herself a painter and a student of the art of painting.



  1. congratulations! you ARE an artist....and i think everything you make is beautiful :)

  2. I feel the same about you, Tulika. I read every poem or piece of prose you post on your blog.