Sunday, December 4, 2011

Remember When

Do you remember when...?

That's a phrase that begins many conversations between family and friends.

This chimney sits along the road that goes between my two brothers' houses.  It just sits there in a little field all alone, but it's not lonely.  Imagine what this old chimney has seen.  I can imagine it kept  a family's cabin warm for years and years.  I can imagine the farmer who stacked the logs and built the fire.  I can imagine his wife who poked the logs and kept the fire going.  I can imagine the children doing homework in front of it.  I can imagine a cat curled up on the hearth.  I can imagine stockings hanging from the mantle year after year.  I can imagine... can you?

Click "Christmas Past"  to see this chimney at at Christmastime.



  1. It's funny Helen, but when I saw this chimney I started to imagine what went on in the house that was here....then I read your post. Your painting of this chimney is really beautiful and well done and of course, I love the background as well.! Great subject.

  2. They say "great minds think alike" don't they?