Saturday, January 14, 2012

Animas Forks

Where makes an image special?

I love an image that tells a story and makes me wonder... a picture that really is worth a thousand words.

At a recent family gathering, I was looking through a book of my cousin's vacation photos when I turned the page and discovered this image.  
It stopped me, and the questions began...
Who lived here?
How did they make their livings?
Why did they leave?
Did they know how beautiful their land was?  
Was their life hard here?

He told me it was a ghost town near Silverton, Colorado called  Animas Forks.

Then more questions...
Were there families and children running between these cabins?
Were there just rough miners with picks and shovels?
How did they manage in the winters?
Was it ever lovely and charming when the people still lived there?

I knew from the first second I saw the "story," I wanted to put it on canvas.  

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