Saturday, April 21, 2012

Spring Monarch

How many monarchs have you seen this spring?

I've seen several.  That makes me happy because I've heard that their populations are diminishing rapidly.  They need those weeds that we're all so quick to mow down.  So, next time you think it's time to get the weed eater out for the edges of your lawn, don't !  "I'm saving butterflies!" sounds like a great excuse not to do that chore!

As I was painting this little monarch, I couldn't help but be reminded of an old church stained glass window - sun gleaming off those sections of color between the black outlines.  Beautiful!

A big thanks to Nicole for capturing this image.  I'm glad you didn't weed eat down your joe-pye weeds so that this butterfly would have a reason to stop by your farm!

Enjoy this piece in an Etsy treasury (collection of related vintage items and art pieces) celebrating Nature-themed Artwork. 

If you'd like to purchase this little painting, click Spring Monarch.


  1. Hello Helen:) I love your painting and I love all kinds of butterfly's. It's seems to me that every year there are less of them. I hope this year will be different!

  2. Great composition and post. Your butterfly is beautifully painted and I can tell that it gave you a lot of pleasure designing and placing the color on those different shaped facets. Your post actually got me to wondering why we have developed such a dislike for weeds. Maybe mankind needs to have our aesthetic changed or cultivated to appreciate weeds. Who knows? I do know that I love your painting and it reminds me of good things like freedom, flight, and knowing that Someone very Divine created both the butterflies and the weeds!