Sunday, May 12, 2013

Pink Lily

What makes you smile when you come home?

I love pulling into my driveway.  We have kind of a winding gravel road through wonderful trees.  There's usually a yellow cat sitting on the porch rail who's waiting for the door to open so she can go inside. And there's a black and white cat rolling in the dirt or pouncing on some poor grasshopper.  In front of the porch there's what could be a fabulous flower bed, if only it had someone who thought it was great fun to keep it weeded and watered.  I have planted all my favorite things there, irises, daffodils, tiger lilies, day lilies, and hyacinths.  Luckily those are all fairly hardy flowers who bloom and are beautiful even with weeds and little attention.  This pink lily bloomed last year and is almost ready to bloom again this year.

 Here's sweet Daisy relaxing on the porch rail waiting for her chance to run inside.  And, here's crazy Pounce; she's crawled through the tomato cage in order to roll on top of the little tomato plant.  Thanks, Pounce :(

Sometimes we see other friends in our yard as we come home.  Seeing our deer as we drive in makes us smile too.

When I come from school tomorrow, this is what I'll see, purple irises blooming in the flowerbed. And here's what I'll smell, a wall of honeysuckle on the edge of the woods.

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