Saturday, June 29, 2013

:) T-Shirt Quilt to Superhero Capes

Why would you save the scraps?

As you can see from the date on this photo, my daughter and I made her high school t-shirt quilt 7 years ago.  (If I saved all the unused parts of the t-shirts, does that make me a hoarder, a pack rat, or just confident that creativity takes time?)

Yesterday, I came across those left overs.  I looked at the shape and size of those scraps and had an idea... a little shaping up, a few pins, and some tight zig-zagging later... Voila!  

My son leaves for the West Coast tomorrow.  Hopefully these little superhero capes will endear him as he gets to know his little second cousins.

So... since I'm on the subject... A couple of years ago, I found a way to use the left over sleeves of those t-shirts.  Again... I looked at the shape of those scrap sleeves and had an idea... a little snipping, a few pins, and some zig-zagging later... and Ta-Da!  I made a dozen little drawstring bags and filled them with goodies.  They were a hit with the great nieces and nephews at our summer family gathering at Lake Ouachita.  (If you look closely, you'll see that the little guy in the middle in red has one of them hanging around his neck.)


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    1. Thanks! Funny how necessity brings about imagination... Growing up went with the "Wear it out, Use it up, Make it do, or Do without" philosophy. I guess it taught us to be resourceful with what we had.