Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Dickson Street

"I want something 'Fayetteville-esque."
Oddly enough I understood what she meant.  
So... this painting is Fayetteville-esque.
If you've ever lived in or loved my city, you get it.
What makes it Fayetteville-esque?
... There's Old Main in the background. 
... The trees from the University lawns are in their autumn colors.
... That must be a Razorback license plate on the blue car.
... Of course, there's not an empty parking space anywhere.
... And... there are all the businesses that make Dickson Street... Dickson Street...

I put things into this painting that make it fun.
I spy... my red VW bug! the wheel of my husband's Harley! Melanie's SUV, DJ's mustang!
I think I spy...  Are those initials in the reflection of a window? Do those shutters look like an my own initials? And is that a letter on the orange building? Is that a name on the green car's license plate? How about on the red car's license? 
Could I also spy... Are those scribbles on the white sign, or does it have a message?  Is that a blur, or does it say something on the red dot sign?

Fun! Fun!! Fun!!!
She'll get to see it tomorrow morning! (along with my painting partners who want to be there.)  I hope she thinks it's "Fayetteville-esque!"  

I was pretty proud to finish this one.

With the frame, the bug won't hold much more. :)


  1. What fun! I don't know Fayetteville (Arkansas), but that makes me want to visit!

  2. You should come! Maybe one day when your Game Cocks come to play our Razorbacks!

  3. Wow, you did. Super job on this. Does make you want t visit!!

    1. You should come! Enjoy what NW Arkansas has to offer then come over! We'll paint together!