Thursday, July 14, 2016

My Summer Distractions.... Garden Harvest vs Does & Fawns

I love summer... 
Pick... wash... sort... cut... slice... chop... stir... taste... mmmm...
(Little known fact... I just happen to make the best salsa in the world... It's true. Click the link then give it a try!)

I spend a lot of time with a knife in my hand... but I get sooooooooooo distracted!
You see... I look out the windows and have all these little friends that live in my back yard!  

I call this mama LaFawnda with her little one Moe. 
They're just checking to see if it's ok to step out of the forest into the little clearing of my yard.

This is another mama and her fawn.  I need a name for them!

For my birthday this spring, I asked for a deer lick.  Best big brown block of a birthday present ever! They're hanging out beside it.

If this doesn't take my breath away every time!  Lulu and her twins, Liza and Opie.     They spend a lot of time helping themselves to our grass.

Now, how can I accomplish anything when I can watch this sweet family!
That's Liza with the heavy mascara.
I call this one Tina. She has a big scar down her side, but she is gorgeous.  I don't think she has a baby.


  1. Oh my looks like a yummy grocery store, all those goodies. Are God's critters wonderful and so much fun to watch, each with its own personality, just beautiful. Enjoy, what do you have before school, another month?

    1. I will enjoy every day. But when the day comes to start back, I'll be excited about that too.

    2. What a beautiful post! And the photos are glad you shared them with us!!!!!

    3. Thank you. It is pretty special to have these visitors outside my kitchen window. (But, a pain on the other hand since they don't understand that the garden is off limits to them!)