Saturday, May 15, 2021

Her Favorite Shoes

It's been a MONTH since I've painted!
Well, I did paint the walls of my art studio. I don't think that counts.

There's a long list of regular life stuff that has kept me away from the easel, canvas, and brushes. Just like anything else, I guess, you get out of the routine and out of practice.  I waited for the art muse to show up and inspire me to get back at it... She didn't. 

Since the art muse didn't appear, I let my granddaughters provide the inspiration. They moved from the East Coast and have been temporarily in the house with us for the last month.  We've loved the pitter pat of their sweet tiny feet.  

My weekly art challenge stretched over an extra week, or two... or four.  The challenge this time was "Shoes."  Being without an idea, I went to Walmart, found some darling little girl shoes, set them up like a still life right there at the end of the aisle, took some photos, and was ready to paint when I got home.

Original Oil Painting on 8"x 10" Wrapped Canvas
Click Her Favorite Shoes if you'd like to purchase this little painting.


  1. Sometimes the muse shows up in the most unlikely places, right? Hopefully this will tip off more days of painting! Enjoy your littles while they stay with you!

    1. I'm ready and have a list of paintings I want to get to! They've moved from 20+ hours away to 6 minutes away. (Insert a big happy Gram-E sigh here...)