Monday, August 9, 2021

Cottage Flowers

Each month I look at Sara's Inspiration Image and read her thoughts. Then I let it simmer in the back of my mind for a while and wait for an idea to come to me for my next painting.  This month was different. I kept being pulled back to and in to her photograph. I loved everything about it.  

1st... It featured my favorite color combinations.
2nd... It held a story.  I don't know the story, but I can wonder... 
  • Who planted the flowers?  Maybe he gave her the flowers as a gift and she planted the bulbs. 
  • What once grew in the window box? Maybe it was more flowers or some herbs.
  • Why did they paint the window frames turquoise? Maybe it was her favorite color and made her smile.
3rd... It fit within my favorite descriptive combination: 
    Elegance within simplicity.

This painting was done as my submission to August's Inspiration Collaboration.  Thank you for your lovely photograph/inspiration image/reference photo.

One more thing...
I have a nail in this tree and always hang my paintings here to photograph them once they're finished.  My butterfly plant (I'm sure it has a name...) is blooming purple right beside it right now.  love, Love, LOVE!

Oh, how I'm going to enjoy seeing this on my own wall while it waits for its forever home.  Full disclosure, as soon as it's dry enough, I plan to touch the textured surface with my fingertips each time I pass by it.

Original Palette Knife Oil Painting on 8"x 10" Wrapped Canvas


  1. Oh, this turned out so lovely! Your butterfly plant apparently knows just where it needs to bloom - so pretty!

    1. Thanks! It's intriguing to me how a snip of an image (just a piece of window and an overgrown plant) can make me want to look again and again.
      The butterfly plant... Well, that's another story. My elderly neighbor came over one day and planted those (there are three) in m flowerbed. They don't "fit" at all, but I don't have the heart to take them out. Plus, the butterflies do like them.

  2. Beautiful painting! It's so peaceful (and my favorite colors too).

    1. Thanks! Maybe the image is peaceful, but maybe it's because of the colors. Green, purple, & turquoise... ahhh... (And, I don't mind if some aqua joins in too!)