Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Cottage in Fall Forest

What would you do if you could spend a week in this cottage?

It's imaginary, and I painted it so I get to decide what you see and don't see.  I say there are no nearby cell phone towers.  There is no internet, no cable, and no highway just beyond the trees.  There are no magazines, newspaper deliveries, or bills to be paid. There is a crackling fire and a stack of split logs just outside a back door.  There is a cozy chair a soft blanket beside a shelf filled with books.  There's an easel with a blank canvas, brushes, and tubes of paint.  There is some cookie dough in the refrigerator.  There is a yellow cat curled up on the pages of an open book.  

Ahhh.... If only....

And, ok, let's be honest.. the Blackberry still works...

I entered this piced in a challenge that encouraged artists to think about "Color" and what colors represent in different contexts.  Visit "In the Moment" to see the other "color" pieces.

This painting was featured in an Etsy treasury (collection of art and vintage items) celebrating autumn.  Click "Fabulously Fall" to enjoy it.

It was also chosen to be in a group of pumpkin paintings in a lovely blog called SixThirtyThree.


  1. Oh, I just love this. I want to be there - with the fire, cozy chair, books, canvas & paints. Wonderful painting!

  2. Magnificent colors. Your painting has ushered in our anticipation of autumn colors here in Northwest Arkansas. The wagon filled with pumpkins remind us of harvest and pumpkin pie. Beautiful painting Helen.

  3. Helen, since your spectacular painting has such a rich imaginary setting, how soon can I visit and how long can I stay. I don't know which I love more - your painting or fun description.

  4. Wonderful - it really makes me want to relax! Just got done hiking in the Blue Ridge Parkway - Asheville, NC this past weekend. The smell of the leaves and air was magnificent. I fixed the Linky for "In the Moment" and thank you for entering your pickle painting! Love you work!

  5. It may be imaginary but it's a fantastic painting! I have been working on autumnal canvases recently: this is inspirational.

    Best Regards