Sunday, October 17, 2010

Purple Hyacinth

Why do roses get all the credit?

Mmmmm..... What a lovely fragrance the hyacinth has!  This one was a gift from a student.  After I enjoyed it inside for a while, I divided it and planted it in my front flower bed. 
Now, don't misunderstand... I love flowers, but I'm a vegetable gardener at heart.  My poor flower bed... I wish I'd give it attention, but I rarely do.  That's why I like hardy bulb plants that I don't think will need me.  Somehow I'm always amazed each spring when, indeed, those determined flowers return and do their best to make my flower bed beautiful.
These little hyacinths have done just that. ....Mmmmm... I can almost smell them now even though they're months away.

Two Etsy treasuries called Spring is in the Air and  Spring Flower Inspired Color Palette celebrate all the colors of the season. Or have a look at another treasury called Nowrouz Moubarak  to learn a little about the Persian New Year through its symbols.


  1. Thanks for the inclusion! I love hyacinth! The smell is the perfect signal of spring.

  2. What a lovely tribute to a lovely flower! I can't get enough of hyacinths - love their shape, their color, their scent, and their determination to come back every year! Because I am a similar gardeness than you - I need plants that are low-maintenance and forgiving when it comes to neglect ;)

    Your painting fit perfectly in my Persian New Year treasury. Hyacinth - or sonbol in Farsi - is the symbol for rebirth. Thank you for lending me the image!

  3. You just have to love flowers that come back every year, leaving less work for the gardener! I love your painting because it reminds me that summer is on it's way, along with all the lovely flowers that accompany it.