Sunday, September 9, 2012

Super Hero Symbols

What's the difference between oils and acrylics?

This was only the second time I'd used acrylics and the first time I'd really spent time trying to learn to use them.
     Here's what I liked:
          The paint tubes were cheaper.
          The paint dried quickly so I could put another color right over the first.
          The flat one dimensional color was just right for this project.
          The clean up was just with water and some soap.
     Here's what I didn't like:
          The smell of the paint.
          The paint dried quickly, so I had to keep adding water to keep it moving on the canvas.
          The paint went on one color then dried a different shade.
          I felt like I wasted paint as I kept adding to try to mix the colors.
          I didn't feel like the paint and the brush worked together - if that makes sense.
These will decorate the wall of a little guy who'll be arriving soon.  I hope that he likes them.


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