Monday, January 20, 2014

Splash of Lime

What did you have in mind?

This is not what I had in mind... I bought a bag of limes, and when I dumped them into a bowl, I thought they were gorgeous.  I set up some for still life references and took a bunch of photographs.  One was just a few slices on my cutting board... scatter of circles I decided to do first.

Once finished it was flat, the stripes of the cutting board that you could see made no sense.  So, I decided a nice light cool blue would make the limes pop; it looked like some giant lime balloons floating through the sky. I almost never paint with blue, and I had a blob of it on my palette that had been just sitting there for a while.  It seemed like a good choice.  Nope... nothing; I added some white in one corner and some dark blue in the other.  At that point, the limes popped, but it made no sense at all.  
I picked it up by the darker "side" so show it to my husband. Odd, I didn't paint it vertically, but it made me smile... Ok, so weird, but imagined the sugar-plum dream from The Nutcracker and the line "while visions of sugar-limes danced in their heads" from Twas the Night Before Christmas. Hmmmm....interesting... I took it by the lighter "side" and thought of Jimmy Buffet looking for his lost shaker of salt... kind of dreamy, made my mouth water for something sour.  Who knew... I love it!

Wonder how it all started?  Yeah, it came a long way...


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  1. i love the colors and the composition. wonderful! and the title is perfect!