Tuesday, July 19, 2022

A Sister's Gift II

I first painted this happy image a couple of years ago.  Sadly for me, I only got to enjoy it on my own wall for the short time it took it to dry. Then it went on to its forever home.

I was happy to do so when I was asked to recreate the painting. I'll enjoy it until it's dry then send it along to its new home. 

It's such a happy scene, who knows... Maybe I'll paint a third one some day.

It lives up to its title.  
It's been a gift again and again.
The clothesline bottle decoration was a gift from an aunt for her niece's wedding.
The first painting of it was commissioned by a someone who gifted it to her friend as a remembrance of her 6.sister, that same aunt who first gave it.
The second painting was commissioned by a friend who plans to gift it to her daughter.  

A delightful  full-circle moment was when the person who commissioned the second one found out who'd been the recipient of the first one.  She said, "Oh, she was such a gift to me when I transferred to teach at her school years ago!"

Original Oil Painting on 6"x 12" Wrapped Canvas


  1. Such a fun painting, but I love the story behind it!

    1. I agree. Sometimes the story behind the painting takes it from just a nice painting to something really special.