Saturday, August 7, 2010

Light Yellow Sunflower

Why do I love this particular sunflower so much?

Because it's balanced - symmetrical, but not really - just right? Because it was the biggest, tallest, strongest one in the garden? Because it's bright and fiery even though it's a soft yellow? Maybe because of the memory of how hard I laughed (and how mad I got) at the squirrel who climbed up the stalk for a feast on its seeds - while spitting seed shells all over the tomato plant below. Somehow it's just the right symbol to represent me.

Yes, it's for sale on my Etsy site, but I put a price too high on it and hardly ever renew it all in the hopes that no one will ever buy it. Is that silly? Wouldn't it be better to just take it off? Hmmmm... Maybe I should. Maybe I will.

If the day comes that someone else loves it enough to buy it, I'll probably cry as I package it up to ship.

I hesitate to put it, but here's the link... sniff...

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