Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Peaches and Brass Candlestick

Sometimes painting just amazes me. I remember when I went to my first painting lesson about 3 1/2 years ago; my teacher said, "You're going to train your eyes to see things in a different way." I wondered how in the world I could do that and really didn't understand what she could possibly mean.
But, I do see things in a different way now. As I was working on this, I just couldn't get the brass right. I looked again... and I saw it; there was green in the brass! Hmm... Who knew! Suddenly a blotchy, yellowish, lumpy stick became a brass candlestick! Voila!

I painted this as a challenge piece for Rookie Painter. I love the concept of this site - an image is presented then artists are invited to create and share art inspired by that image. It's so interesting to see the diversity in style.


  1. I love your interpetation of this subject. The candlestick is great. Check out a challenge at www.paintanddrawtogether.blogspot.com Hope you will join us there.

  2. Your peaches look good enough to eat. The complementary background sets the oranges and yellows off and the brass gives interest in texture to your composition.