Sunday, December 23, 2012

Yellow Bowl of Tomatoes

Who picked those lovely tomatoes?

I love the artistic composition of this piece.  I love the perfect tomatoes, the twist of the vine, the shadows and highlights, the shape of the bowl.  The artist in me thinks it's just beautiful.

The farmer in me, however, says, "I don't know who did pick them, but I do know who didn't."  I am quite certain that a farmer didn't pick them.  How can I be so sure?  First of all, a real farmer wouldn't have destroyed the vines by pulling the leaves and stems off.  And, if a stem or leaf had broken, she would have pulled it off in the garden, not brought it in the house.  Second, a real farmer wouldn't have let her tomatoes stay on the vine until they were that ripe.  An orangy-colored tomato can ripen just fine on the window sill and avoid the dangers of cut worms, sun blisters, or the skin splitting after a rain.  Third a real farmer would have put her harvest of tomatoes in a big ole' well-used bucket to bring in and wash, not an impractical fancy little bowl.

Now, I'm going back to that artist side of my self... I love this still life...
I've painted this Bowl of Tomatoes before, so it fell into place easily with familiar brush strokes.  I loved the first one, and I think I may love the second one even more.  I'm going to enjoy it on my own wall while it dries and before it's shipped off to its permanent home.


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