Wednesday, November 10, 2021

Pretty Goat, Esther

Sometimes I have an idea then search for an image, but sometimes an image appears then gives me the idea.

My friend Healey likes to post pictures and videos of her goats.  They're always cute and funny.  Then one day I saw this pretty little goat looking right at me.  I found myself going back for another look then another.  Finally I messaged and asked permission to paint her.  Healey told me that her name was Esther and that I could paint her as long as didn't change her name.  

So... meet my lovely blue-eyed goat friend, Esther!

On another note... 
I've been having fun with this site  to discover the color theme of my paintings.
8"x 8" Original Oil on Wrapped Canvas
Click Pretty Goat, Esther if you'd like to purchase this little painting.


  1. Esther is a beauty, and that link is pretty fun. I bookmarked it!

    1. Isn't it great! You could use it with a photo of your quilts just the same as a painting. I love it, but I haven't decided exactly why. I wish it worked backwards... Like I'd have the little palette BEFORE I started painting so I didn't stray.

  2. I've just had a lot of fun using the link you gave. I didn't realize my images were so!

    1. It is interesting to see how your/my art breaks down. Did you try some of the other buttons on that site. Really cool... but I'm not sure how to use it... like for a purpose.