Thursday, November 4, 2021

The Merry House (Our Fixer Upper)

Yep, we have a fixer upper.
Nope, it was never our dream, but we just bought the house next door.
Yeah, it's hard work!
No, we don't know what we're doing; luckily my brother does.
Yes, we're having fun with it.
No, it's nowhere near finished.

We  walk out our front door and cross the yard, apologize to the deer who've been resting in the strip of woods between the houses, and enter the yard of our fall project. 

For 45 years it was Mary's house. 
Now we call it The Merry House.

I took this picture from our front yard.
You can see The Merry House beyond the trees.
You can see a couple of deer (circled).

We try to tell them not to get up, relax, we're just passing through...
They don't listen.
They're camouflaged pretty well, but you can see four in the picture.


  1. Looks like a lot of work indeed, but you two seem to be enjoying yourselves, as much as you can, right? Will you use The Merry House for family visits, or rent it out, or?

    1. Yes, it's work. Yes, we're still enjoying it. (Ask again in a month. We'll see if that last one is still a yes.) We think we'll rent it out. Who knows... one day, if we get tired of our big house and stairs, we may just move over there! Ha! Depends on how good of a job we do at fixing it up!

  2. Such a lot of work! You have shattered my dream of buying a fixer is a lot different from dreams!

    1. I think on the HGTV and TLC fixer upper shows, they make you feel like you can do it in a weekend... Ummm... no...
      Sorry about the dream shattering. You can still dream about a fixed-up house with a view!

  3. My husband and I always say that it isn't really a project until you bleed on it... and it looks like that has happened! I know how hard that work is (both physically and hard to stay motivated), and I salute you for taking it on. I'm sure it will be lovely when you are done. Btw, I have the same conversation with the lizards in our yard ("Don't get up, relax, I'm just passing through." They don't listen either.

    1. Ha ha! Well, we had our second "bleed" last night... Ron's turn this time!
      It seems like for a project like this we'd have thought long and hard and planned ahead... Nooooo... We just sort of jumped in and said, "Let's do this!"
      I think/hope we'll turn a corner this week. So far it seems that we're just making everything look worse and tearing everything down... Soon (please soon) that should change!