Friday, July 2, 2010

My Boys

These are my boys... although the little one is taller than his dad now...

This painting was done from a photograph taken on a hike in Yellowstone National Park. 

As I've learned to paint, I've often found myself drawn to images of people from the back or side.  I wondered if maybe that was odd. 
One of my biggest goals when choosing what to paint is that it be an image that stands alone to tell a story. Could a story be told without faces and expressions?

I was certain the answer was yes when I discovered Vickie Wade's site on Etsy. Almost every painting that she shows is a view  from the back. And, yes, every one tells a complete story! I love her work. You can view her beautiful paintings by following this link to her site.  (When you visit her site, be sure to click on two of my favorites "Dad's Helper" and "In Her Steps.")

I submitted "My Boys" to the March challenge for In the Moment.  This site challenges artists to let their art represent words.  The word for the month was "Admiration."  Oh, how this little boy admired his dad.  And, oh how we admire the fine young man that he has grown to be.

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  1. This is so sweet - and it does permeate with the word "admiration". The loving sentiments in your words are very dear. I enjoyed Vickie's web site and I love a print of a child by the seaside. I think the faces not showing is more sentimental because it is easier for each person to see their own loved ones in the painting. Thank you for participating! :)