Wednesday, October 7, 2020

Painting Together in COVID-19 Times

Just look at those happy faces in that group photo!
Ok... so you can't see their faces, but you know they're smiling with pride under those masks!
And... it's not a group photo, but it's a COVID-19 safe group photo!

My painting partner Julie and I were scheduled to teach this class of amazing senior citizens in March. Well, we know what happened in March.  It was postponed until May when we assumed the coronavirus would be over. Well, that didn't happen, so it was postponed again.  This week we finally got to do it... COVID-19 style... Big open room, masks, extra distancing, separate tables, all supplies out ahead of time... 
We were a bit nervous about how it could go, but do you know what? We modeled, encouraged, explained, and encouraged again. And, you know what else?  The students watched, tried, learned, laughed, and ended up with beautiful paintings!
In many ways students in their 60s and 70s are so different from those 9-10 year old students Julie and I taught for so many years. (ha ha) In other ways, they're just the same. They want the teacher to stop talking so they can do it for themselves!  They want to be sure they're doing it right.  They need encouragement.  They are so proud when they've finished.  What a pleasure to get to be a teacher... but glad it's 2 days a semester instead of 72!

Prepare and
make examples.

Give everyone an "Artistic License"
and make sure they know they can use it! 

Lots of "how" and a little "why."

So they can watch what they're going to do.

Stop talking and let the magic begin! 


  1. How wonderful that you were able to do the class! They did great!

  2. It looks like a fantastic class, and the art is beautiful!

    1. Didn't they each do a great job! I love how both exactly alike and completely different each painting turned out.