Wednesday, June 2, 2021

Gently Down the Stream

[Serendipity - the occurrence of pleasant events that happen by chance]

In 2016 we had a vacation that was filled with serendipity. It began with a trip to Cooperstown, New York where the Baseball Hall of Fame is located. That part was great, but the serendipity began as we left.  We'd found a bed and breakfast lodge not too far from there which seemed like might be a nice place to spend a few days.  

It all started with checking in.
"We have a wedding party that would like to use the whole lodge, would if be okay if we moved you to our cabin? No extra charge." 
Ummmmm... Yeah!
The whole property was just one relaxing surprise after another....
   Row boats on a placid lake...
   Ducks with babies following behind...
   Nature trails with swings to rest on...
   Flowers in bloom everywhere...
   Hammocks in random places...
   Weather in perfect mid 70s...
   Peaceful... Relaxing... Soothing... Restful...
Why would we ever leave!

One morning we decided we would leave to eat some place local.  We asked the teenager who took our order what there was to do nearby.  "Oh, not much really... unless you want to go to Woodstock.  It's about 15 minutes down that way."   
Wait... Woodstock?  You mean Woodstock, Woodstock? 
"Yeah, there was a big concert thing there a long time ago.  There's a museum and stuff."
Ummmmm.... Yeah!
(I'll save our Woodstock adventure day for another painting, another story.)

Here's a sample of our restful time at Lake Joseph, New York. 
No idea what this is, but they lined the forest paths.

...Literally lined the forest paths.

"What are you looking at?"

Row, row, row a boat... any boat.


Even the animals were relaxed.

Places for naps everywhere.

Swings for taking breaks (although no breaks were needed).

This makes my 20th weekly painting challenge with my friend and art mentor.  The challenge was "A Sunny Day."  I hope there's a calming feeling from this painting of a sunny day on a row boat.

Original Oil Painting on 6"x 12" Wrapped Canvas


  1. That looks like a fun place to visit! We visited Cooperstown too, and thoroughly enjoyed it. I'm still chuckling at "there was a big concert thing there a long time ago"!!

  2. Isn't that a hoot! Teenagers... After visiting the museum, I'll say that Woodstock is pretty cool to see now... actually just pretty nasty and gross to be there at the time.

  3. a beautiful place to visit...and I love the swings!